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Join Kathleen Shannon, Paul Jarvis, Emily Thompson and Jason Zook for a masterclass on podcasting for your business.

We decided to join forces to bring you the best, most actionable, and no-bullshit podcasting masterclass for business owners.

“I loved how each teacher used a different approach for their podcast!” Katie Rohs

You already have a business, but you want to have a podcast. You’ve heard how they can make money, increase brand awareness, grow your tribe, but there are 10,546,234 crappy articles online about how to do it. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things you think you have to do to get your podcast up and running, also known as “podcrastinating” (ok, we just made that word up). Perhaps you’re looking for a way to share your knowledge and expertise to build your authority in your industry.

That’s where we come in. We’ve got the from-the-trenches experience to show you exactly what you need to do to start a podcast you’ll actually enjoy producing and publishing.

We’ve invested the time and money to figure out what works and what doesn’t. We want to bring you the best 3 hours you’ll ever spend learning about podcasting. Oh, since it’s the four of us, you better believe it’s going to be fun too.

Our sole goal is to make sure you come out of this with a plan to go from podcast-idea-to-published-show that helps your business.

—Jason, Emily, Paul & Kathleen

“Thanks for being human, humorous and transparent in what you taught us! I feel far more confident in venturing into podcasting and adding my own flair to it.” Rachel Dobler

module one

Branding + positioning

module two

Creating content + show format

module three

Tech + audio

module four

Systems + automation

module five

Launching + marketing

module six

Growing + building fans

module seven

Monetizing + sponsors


7 interactive workbooks

PDFs of keynotes

Start to finish PDF checklist

Origin stories video for Invisible Office Hours + Being Boss

“I know tech stuff is typically boring, but you made it enjoyable and on point.” Jason Resnick

This masterclass is not about teaching you a few well-worn tips for podcasting, it’s about helping guide you through launching a podcast that helps and drives your business forward.

We’ve built great communities and made good money from our podcasts. But most importantly, we’ve figured out how to create podcasts that are unique to our own personalities, styles, and brands.

Registration is now closed, but signup to learn when we open it up again!

3hrs Live presentations

7 Interactive workbooks

Replays available forever

“I want to thank you for no just regurgitating stuff that everyone else is talking about. You opened your shop doors and shows us what it truly takes to make a great show.” Jennifer Dopazo

Online, baby. That means you can tune in from anywhere with an internet connection. During each lesson there’ll be a Q&A period where we answer questions from attendees.


No, but early bird tickets are $50 off. You get access to 4 podcasting giants for less than $100/hour. You also get a slew of workbooks and bonuses.


Yep! If you’re attending live, we’ll be taking questions at the end of every module. If you’re facing a specific problem related to one of the modules, feel free to prepare your questions in advance.


We’re constantly learning things from each other’s podcasts. This masterclass can definitely help if you have existing podcast, and might even spur some new ideas or revenue opportunities.

Have a question? Email us for help. All prices are in USD.

“What a rush PLAB was! It was jam packed with useable info.” Dawn Kotzer